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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphones from Hong Kong

In-ear headphones of this model are made in sports design. They are characterized by ergonomics, memorable design and good technical characteristics. The specificity of configuration of the case and the correctly chosen angle of inclination ensures a tight fit of the ear buds, the headphones will not fall out even during the active training. In addition, the product are completed with ear pads.

The sound quality is at altitude, and this applies to all frequencies. In this model, the version of Bluetooth 4.1 is used. Thanks to this, the signal is transmitted without interference and interruptions. Speed ​​of response of the accessory is high.

Fixing the device is carried out by means of a special holder. Autonomy of the device provides a battery, the capacity indicator of which is 137 mAh. Weight of headphones is 40 g.

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