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Sony IER-H500A h.ear in 2 In-ear Headphones from Hong Kong

Sony IER-H500A h.ear in 2 In-ear Headphones - an excellent choice for people who like a perfectly clear melody without interference and extraneous sounds, ease of transportation and style.
Everyone can find what they like, thanks to the following color solutions - Blue, Pale Gold, Graphite, Red and Rich-Green.

The indicators of comfort are at a high level. The headphones are equipped with just one button, which you can switch through your favorite songs, pause them or pick up the phone. Headphones are thought through to the smallest details, so, as a result you hear a clear melody.

The appearance component was also taken care of, the refined design with the elements of the classics, the beautiful color line, which will give everyone an opportunity to emphasize their individuality.

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