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Shure SE425 from Hong Kong

Shure specializes mainly in the production of professional audio devices, but that headphones are designed for the mass use. These in-ear provides an excellent sound transmission at different frequencies, which allows you to listen to tracks in different styles - from soul to rock. The operating range is from 20 Hz to 19,000 Hz.

The undoubted advantage of a two-drivers reinforcement device is a high level of sound insulation: noises up to 37 dB will not be a hindrance to enjoying your favorite hits. Even with prolonged use, in-ear do not cause discomfort, because their shape is ergonomic and as precisely as possible repeats the bends of the auricle.

In addition, the design of the device provides a loop that guarantees additional fixation of the headphones. Product weight - 29.5 g.

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