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OnePlus Bullets Wireless from Hong Kong

One Plus OnePlus Bullets Wireless literally release music to the world for the user. They seemed to have dropped their fetters, which weighed on them: no cords, no worries about the charge, only pacification, good music and pleasant conversations. The battery is arranged in such a way that a charge lasting more than five hours to the row is resumed in ten minutes.

Magnets, which are equipped with headphones, work not only to prevent losses, they are also a quick switch for the device. When the headphones in the ears - they work, when they hang around the neck - the standby mode is activated. Equipped with a block with a speaker. The developer suggests using it not only as a dynamic during conversations, but also on the command side - giving instructions to a virtual assistant.

Made of aluminum, these "awesoms" will please any adult who values ​​quality and inner comfort.

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