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Meizu POP from Hong Kong

Minimalistic, innovative, and just incredible - how else to describe these revolutionary for Meizu wireless headphones of model POP. White flaps, like pearls, anatomically wisely embedded in the auricle. The bright multicolored frame of each earpiece with a thin diode circle creates the impression of traveling through time - into the future.

Created specifically for dynamic movement and those who lead an active lifestyle. Wireless in the full sense of the word - this applies to both use and charging. Sold in a box with a special suit, which performs several functions simultaneously: storage and function of the charger. Controlled by means of marked signals by touching the body of the earpiece. The weight of each is less than the medium size earrings. Quietly work in conditions of high humidity, in case of rain or sweat, which is inevitable during a good functional training.

A wide frequency range directly affects the sound quality and sensitivity to subtle tones, which is peculiar only to professional sound devices.

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