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Meizu LIVE from Hong Kong

Meizu LIVE surprises with its appearance and the ""inner world"" of both the layman and the audial with experience. Firstly, these are not just dynamics-reproducers, they are high-grade headphones with a balanced armature, which, thanks to their design, provide increased clarity of sound. Whatever sounds in them - the user will hear everything cleanly.

Second, their equipment will please any ""splinter"" and pedant. User buys it with a box attached to them that includes a zone for storing the set, as well as a whole set of silicone attachments for different types of ears and a set of special settings for each type of music - music lovers, dance! So usage turns into a whole study: choose your favorite track, pick up the nozzle, pick up the system for this track. The case itself is reliably protected from penetration of moisture - so that the headset will always be safe. In addition, it is compact and easy to carry.

Third, they are just beautiful. They seem to be sewn up with some philosophical meaning: the translucent body reveals what is hidden inside the system, externally - the branded damper protects from other people's eyes.

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