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Meizu Flow from Hong Kong

Looking at the history of the creation Meizu Flow is almost the most technologically advanced headphones. Chinese scientists specializing in sound and a real Japanese designer took part in the process of producing this audio device to introduce it to the world. Thanks to such efforts, a new good product has appeared with brilliant external data.

Several types of systems of relation to sound are inside it, which amounted to an effective composition, focused on the quality and purity of sound. Externally, these are elegant flaps of an ideal anatomical shape, made of ""jewelry"" alloys, which look like an ornament more than a technical wonder on a person's head. Perfectly balanced, the headphones have a specially designed low sound reproduction system, which will especially please music lovers in the field of rock culture.

Several pairs of nozzles are available in the package, and a special plastic case for carrying with you and careful hankering of the headset. Some more words about the headset - it is equipped with a sensitive perception of sound and a sensitive microphone, the system is completely indifferent to any noises.

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