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Meizu EP52 from Hong Kong

Meizu EP52 - oh, these ""handsome"" have already established themselves among the active inhabitants of the planet. Did not even prove himself. Conquered! And all because the manufacturer created them specifically for this audience. They combine autonomy, ease, comfort, quality and sport aesthetics. The combination of absorbing black and bloody red prompts the immediate action of any of their possessor, regardless of the type of temperament.

The design of the gadget implies the presence of a static halo around the neck with woven silicone ""vessels"" leading directly to the ear. Special external magnets will not let the wires get tangled, but gently connect them at one point. A very light set has a wide range of sound, dense sound insulation from external noise, which will allow to concentrate on own thoughts and ideas. The microphone has good sensitivity, and the distance from the smartphone can be up to ten meters.

Special thanks to his energy intensity - up to eight hours of constant work and up to one hundred and fifty hours in silence. The headset is completed at the highest level. Even if a user will choose to present this device as a gift - the packaging is ready.

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