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Meizu EP2X from Hong Kong

Meizu EP2X is designed to free the user from the gravity of the smartphone in his hands, which literally means to challenge the modern world. Everything is all right, the mobile device will be next to you, but access to it will provide a headset from the new leader in the electronics market. It is worth to note that the quality of access reaches a high level, thanks to its adaptability and functionality.

In order to ensure a good clean sound, the manufacturer turned to science and material science for help - so the device harmoniously combines several types of materials. They, in turn, provide a high-quality implementation of the developed technology for suppressing noise in the conversation, sounding low and high frequencies while listening to music, managing the conversation remotely. The unit with a microphone and buttons is located taking into account the anatomy of a person for comfortable use, as well as controlling the functionality of the phone at a distance from it.

The design is designed to be the most suitable for the person's ear. Thus, the constant wearing of headphones is almost imperceptible even after a long time.

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