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Meizu Bluetooth Speaker from Hong Kong

Each new product of Meizu pleases techlovers of innovation. As this techno giant has grown from the manufacturer of portable players to the leader of the electronics market is surprising. But leadership is indisputable - this is claimed by the new product of the brand's Bluetooth Speaker. At first, it may seem that this is an ordinary loudspeaker, which is a mass, but this is a deceptive impression.

This system is designed to conduct conversations in a free mode - the quality of the wireless connection and innovative technologies ensure a smooth and constantly good sound. Listening to music turns into pleasure, instead of cares about settings - it is easy to manage and wide in the music range. The volume of the battery allows to work fifteen hours in a row. The system is compact and convenient to touch - it's easy to fit in one hand, on a backpack.

The quality of the device and its wear have been repeatedly tested by the manufacturer. The quality of the product is indicated not only by positive user's feedback but also by the results of technical research.

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