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Logitech MX Sound from Hong Kong

Logitech MX Sound is an innovative format for desktop speakers for lovers of nostalgia for the nineties. The key word is innovative. The high-end product is designed for users who need sound as air. The device consists of two hemispheres connected via Bluetooth. In the course of control, each of them can alternately be used as a source of pure sound. Only high-quality and safe materials are used to create this device. The design is made in a low-key style with elements of high-tech, represented by the backlight of the device.

The sound reproduction technology is oriented to low frequencies. The tilt angle of the device provides the most accurate anatomical position of the sound source relative to the user. Reacts to traffic, control is carried out as simply and easily as possible, even without further study of instructions. It is worth paying attention to the function of the microphone for communication on the network, for example. For those who notice this set on the table of the skype negotiator, ""noise with sound"" will sound at least unreliable.

Compatible with all kinds of devices that are equipped with wireless technology.

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