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Logitech G560 from Hong Kong

Logitech G560 is a kind of game hybrid sound amongst similar, but still incomparable gadgets. Outwardly it is more like a night club lights, but the sound makes us believe in reality - we have a natural audio hybrid. Two columns in the form of a hemisphere and a subwoofer, surrounding the monitor, create a volume external sound, immersing in a completely different reality. The light of the set interacts with the sound, thus creating a dynamic atmosphere suitable for a particular game.

Special settings of the device allow you to communicate freely with the team in group missions. The real-time effect in this case is especially important, and the developer feels it. A special design transmits the entire sound power, making it soft and volumetric. The sound literally ""hits"" from the speakers.
The gadget is compatible literally with any kind of device. Can be connected by a traditional method - through a wire with a three-and-a-half-millimeter connector, or more modern - using wireless connection technologies.

Seth is stable on the table, and compact enough to use it outdoors.

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