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Logitech G533 Wireless from Hong Kong

Logitech G533 Wireless in the literal sense of these words means only one thing - the freedom of gamblers! It sounds like a slogan of a mass movement, which really differs little from the truth. And the manufacturer, fortunately, perfectly understands the needs of this movement. Full freedom of action: the gadget connects via wireless technology to just about any gaming device and transmits sound with a quality guarantee at a distance of about fifteen meters.

The sound system of the headphones is equipped with a technology of volumetric sound, which accurately conveys the sensations of moving heroes in the space, silence or loudness, the sounds of different frequencies - the virtual seemed to open its arms for the owner of this set at the moment of its acquisition. The duration of the battery provides up to fifteen hours of play without interruption. Headphones are fully adjustable, but can also be used in auto mode.

Seth has a noise-canceling microphone for easy communication during a game or conversations on the network.

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