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LG HBS-770 TONE PRO Wireless Stereo Headset from Hong Kong

The professional wireless audio kit manufactured by LG HBS-770 TONE PRO Headset is made in classic colors with a traditional complete set. This is the case when everything in the package is just fine and well-coordinated. It does not raise questions to its quality - the latest generation Bluetooth wireless system flies. The sound is clean and smooth even at a distance of ten meters from the main source of the sound - there can be anything if only Bluetooth was built in.

In the case of a permanent conversation, it will serve more than sixteen hours, in case of constant listening to the audio line - more than ten hours in a row. For not very active users there will be a pleasing amount of hours of work in standby mode - twenty-four hours thirty days one after another. Time of charging equal the time of a good lunch. The functional allows to choose different modes of the device - vibro, without sound.

The choice of colors will suit everyone: traditional black and blue, innovative golden and pink, creative powder blue and a combination of white and red.

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