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LG HBS-1100 TONE PLATINUM Wireless Stereo Headset from Hong Kong

HBS-1100 TONE PLATINUM Headset from South Koreans LG is an excellent addition to any mobile device that has the ability to wirelessly connect, for audio. The manufacturer claims the uniqueness of the audio kit for the properties of the constituent materials - the set is made of an abrasive anodized aluminium alloy.

So smoothy, sophisticated, mobile device looks harmonious when worn, provides stereo sound and autonomy in use. The original powerful operating system allows to quickly responding to management commands. A special platinum coating qualitatively distinguishes sound from analogues of this model. Attention to the balance of the blocks does not make heavier the part intended for communication. A technology microphone has noise suppression function - whole programs are developed for this purpose, people are trained to work on them, and this set does it themselves, and it does it superbly!

Compatible with various applications.

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