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JBL Soundgear BTA from Hong Kong

Portable acoustics from the JBL, which traditionally pleases with its technical characteristics and stylish design. The current model has a rather unusual design of a curved shape. The speaker can be placed on the shoulders, thereby eliminating the need to put the earpiece in your ear. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, the weight is distributed evenly to the muscles and does not create discomfort. Plus, the device is light enough - 350 grams, and not bulky - 200x200x35 mm.

The frequency range is 100-20000 Hz with a power of 6 W, this will create a pleasant atmosphere at home, on a trip or on a walk. Pairing occurs thanks to the built-in Bluetooth module, the speaker is compatible with both Apple and Android.

A decent operating time of the device for 6 hours is provided by a lithium-polymer battery with the capacity of 800 mAh, it takes about 2 hours for full charging.

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