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JBL Everest 110 from Hong Kong

JBL Everest 110 - portable and wireless headphones from JBL, have very compact dimensions and light weight (16 g), which makes them as convenient as possible to be always with you, since they occupy very little space. The appearance of the headphones is elegant, with elements of minimalism and very stylish, will complement any image and emphasize the individuality.

Technical characteristics are at altitude. The frequency range is 10-22000 Hz, this ensures clear and deep sound of both bass and high notes. The current model will cope with any musical genre. The control buttons are located on the cord that connects the headphones.

The ear pads are made of high-quality silicone and ensure the absence of rubbing, pressure and other inconveniences. Also, they fit snugly into the auricle and do not fall out.

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