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Huawei Sport Headphones from Hong Kong

Huawei Sport Headphones are wireless headphones for people in constant movement. Particularly relevant to those who often lose small parts of something - the body liners are connected by a tiny line along the back of the neck, which, in the situation of the fall of one of the sleeves, will keep it hanging down along the body.

They are made of hypoallergenic materials, with the addition of a magnet in the form of a metal threaded circle, which serves as a minimal decoration for this composition and a functional element at the same time. The classic black color of the case harmonizes with the cord in tone, or comes into contrast with the aggressive red one. The battery lasts for six hours, but it charges up to just two hours. The sound quality is excellent. Resistant to moisture and sweat.

Can be controlled by using the control unit that is located along the cord, according to the anatomical parameters of the person.

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