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Huawei Active Noise Cancelling Earphones 3 from Hong Kong

Huawei Active Noise Cancelling Earphones 3 just look standard. It is hardly possible to find an option that is more ideal for the inhabitants of the metropolis. All thanks to the developed modes of working with the environment: the mode for traveling in airplanes or just for a comfortable trip in the subway, the mode of normal conditions, the operating mode of open-space when everyone says something, and as usual ""not to you.""

Japanese technology and experience with sound are embodied in this gadget in a special patented system, and a new type of adapter for connecting to a smartphone corresponds to the already updated models (type C). They allows you to negotiate, communicate with loved ones without holding a station with an external speaker at the mouth level.

The microphone gives a clear sound, and the control buttons easily cope with the main tasks of switching or pausing.
Good for doing sports - thanks to silicone gags. Sound insulation from the compulsive groaning of a neighbor over the bar added as a gift to every owner.

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