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Asus ROG Strix Wireless from Hong Kong

ROG Strix Wireless - a multifunctional model of the gaming headset from Asus. It provides an excellent gaming sound, including in the virtual 7.1 format. The accessory can be connected either wired or wireless with the built-in USB transmitter. Noise cancelling, pure transmission of the  bass and tones, as well as good external sound insulation - the result of the presence of an optimal resistance (32 Ohm).

In standalone mode, the operation time is up to 10 hours. The headband is massive, made of two parts. Tight fit and comfortable wearing provide pleasant to the touch ear cups. On the outside, on each cup are located buttons for controlling and adjusting modes and loudness. The microphone is removable. It is possible to connect to game consoles, computers and mobile devices.

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