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AKG N40 from Hong Kong

AKG N40 - audio products of high quality, it is attached behind the ears, for which ergonomic loops has created. The inserts themselves are comfortable and soft, there are several removable attachments. Also in the kit are included a case for storing and carrying a device, a device for the care of headphones, cables with and without a remote control.

The undoubted advantage of the presented model is the excellent sound quality. In each of the bowls there are two radiators, thanks to which good sound transmission is provided in different ranges. In addition, the headphones have three filters, responsible for amplifying a certain range.

The design of the audio accessory is attractive. The combination of black plastic and silver metal is a classic, which is always trendy. High technical characteristics, a wide set of delivery, exquisite design - all these are headphones N40 from AKG.

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