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Xiaomi Mi Scooter Ninebot Pro from Hong Kong

Original and reliable gyroscooter will please the fans of non-standard solutions. The model is equipped with wheels (diameter - 10 inches) and a telescopic handle. Maneuverability of the gyrocycle allows you to make a 360 degree turn in place. Individuality is given to the device by the lighting system - 1600 combinations, because the LED lights are represented by running, break, position, bend, tail lamps and headlights.

Lightweight and durable housing (protection degree - IP54) is made of aviation magnesium alloy. The carrying capacity is 120 kg. One charge of the battery is enough for 40 km of the way. The engine allows you to reach speeds of up to 16 km/h. The device includes a shock absorption mechanism and a somatosensory method of inhibition. The gyroscooter can be controlled using a smartphone via Bluetooth.

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