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Xiaomi Mi Scooter Ninebot One C+ from Hong Kong

Stylish and reliable city monocycle develops speed up to 20 km/h. A light weight (only 13.8 kg) allows you to transport a compact device even in public transport. Each part is made by the method of solid casting, while the vehicle is assembled easily and quickly like the construction toys. The model is equipped with a wheel of 16 inches, which has good grip with the road and the ability to overcome obstacles. A wide pedal with a zero edge is convenient for beginners.

One battery charge lasts for 30 km. The intellect of the product is placed in a high-speed processor and an innovative electric motor. Intelligent security system with sound and light alerts the user about speeding, low charge, engine overheating, excessive tilt. Control is carried out through the smartphone via Bluetooth.

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