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Fujitsu FD905 Car Camera from Hong Kong

Compact video recorder from Fujitsu has an unusual and stylish design - on the round case there is a small rectangular display. The weight of the device is only 40 g, and the size is 5×3.6×5.2 cm. The recording is broadcasted in Full HD format, so the picture is clear and high-quality even when shooting at night. Optics - widescreen, viewing angle is 130° - this is enough to cover three lanes of the road.

The gadget has a sensitive auto-save sensor in crash - the file is automatically locked and transferred to the backup storage. Expand the memory device can by inserting a microSD card with a capacity of up to 128 MB. The device is equipped with a stereo system - there is a microphone and a speaker. The connection is wired, there is a USB port for communication with PC, tablet, smartphone.

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